Monday, November 24, 2008

Gotcha Day! Our First hours with Liana

Trev, Ben and Zach finally have a little sister. And what an awesome baby she is. She came to us without a peep - just looked and looked at us as if she'd never seen anything like us before. She was fascinated with Marc's beard and touched it with her hands. When he kissed her she shook her head no and rubbed her face. She liked that we thought that was funny.

Back at the hotel, Marc and the other daddies had to go with our guide/adoption coordinator to do hours of paperwork. I got to play with her in the room. She only got a little weepy 2 times but was easily soothed and receptive to hugs and love. (The nannies from the orphanage LOVED her and doted on her in our presence. She got a great start at her orphanage).

She crawls, pulls up, babbles a ton, laughs. She loves toys and can really entertain herself. We had made her a picture book and that's the toy that she returns to most. She knows how to shake and bang toys to make them make noise. She claps and does a little rocking dance and sings a babbly song. She's quite amazing.

We were told she likes her bath and does she ever! I think she'd have stayed in there for much longer but the water was getting cold. After her bath she was a riot -laughing and babbling and having a blast with her toys. She'd crawl up on me and lean in - I think that was a hug. It's very strange but I really sense that she understands we are her forever family.

After post-bath play of about a half an hour, she got glassy eyes, took her bottle and konked out...allowing us to do this blog entry. We are pooped too. Off to bed we will go. We'll post some video of her soon.

So, first hours with her = A+ She's a keeper! She's wonderful! We are so blessed! Keep those prayers going - they are working!


Lou said...

Yay! Congrats! She's gorgeous and I'm so happy for you guys, and for all of us who will be blessed and enriched by her addition to our family!

Lia and Enzo are so lucky that they'll have each other to grow up with and play with and pal around with yippee!

Lou said...

Amy doesn't have a Blogger account, but she said to add that Liana's the most gorgeous baby she's ever to Enzo of course ;)

She said "I love you guys, I love Liana and Enzo keeps laughing while looking at her picture! Can't wait to meet her!"

Kim said...

Congrats! Congrats! It has been so fun being apart of this adoption with you guys through your blog. She is so adorable, beautiful and angelic! I just have goose bumps (and a few tears) as I have read and looked at the pictures. God is so good and we couldn't be more happier for you guys and your family.

Nancy said...

Hi Marc & Laura,

It is so nice to have some good news to read/hear/think about. I am so very happy for you and your family, and especially for Liana Grace. I think babies have a sense that we all lose as we get older...she knows more than you think, and knows she is blessed to have you as her family. Enjoy the rest of your time in China. I look forward to hearing/seeing more of your next few weeks there and at home. Lots of love to you all, and hugs from this side of the Earth. Love you, Nancy Penne

Nancy said...

Nancy - on behalf of Jack Stewart (her father): "Dear Nancy, What a fabulous gift! I am very fond of her already, and it will be good for her brothers too. Marc and Laura should get her name and theirs in Chinese script drawn by an artisan while they are there.Dad."

Aunt Jean said...

Wow !!!!!! Soooo cute!!!! I'm sooo happy for you all.... Love Aunt Jean

Dad and Nancy said...

Wow! Liana Grace is just the prettiest little doll! No wonder the nannies loved her! How lucky we are to have her join the family, and how lucky she is to have you two as parents.

Can't wait to meet her!