Thursday, October 23, 2008

We leave Nov. 19!!!

It's official - we leave November 19 and return on December 4. Yipeeeeeeeee!

Many friends have asked if we are taking the boys with us. The answer is a resounding NO. The biggest obstacle is cost. But beyond that there is just so much down time and waiting around for paperwork. As much as we enjoy traveling as a family, we've done it enough to know that down time and 3 boys is not a good thing. And neither is waiting around in offices. And neither is Chinese food. And neither is 14 hours on a plane, etc.

SO, they will stay home with Grandma Pat and Grandpa Fred and get spoiled rotten and Marc and I will have some days alone with her to start bonding. We figure small doses of the Fuhrmans at a time. First parents, then brothers, then dogs, then grandparents, etc. Good plan, we'll see how it plays out. :)

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Kim Hansen said...

I second that YIPPEEEEE, We can't wait to meet her in due time. Congratulations guys! We couldn't be happier for you all.osby001