Friday, November 14, 2008

The Final Countdown!

Details, details, lists, lists, lists! Scribbled midnight notes on the nightstand. Luggage in the baby's room with supplies for the baby, clothes for two seasons for us and the baby (and in two sizes for her), snacks for us, gifts for the adoption people, etc. A binder of information for my parents who are staying with the boys. My brain is full!

They say to "pack light" but the suggested packing lists are a mile long. It's all good though - we are very excited. We've got our itinerary and all the travel arrangements are made for international flight and in-country travel and stays.

We'll fly into Beijing (where it is wintery) and tour the major sights for 3 days and then fly to Guangzhou in the Guandong province (where it is summery). This is where the Consulate is.

Our "gotcha day" (when we finally receive her!) is to be on Nov. 24th. A couple days after we get her we'll take a 5 hour bus ride (hopefully tour bus, not school bus!) with the 5 or 6 other families in our group to Maoming, the city she came from. We'll tour her orphanage and see the city, stay overnight a couple nights and then bus back to Guangzhou where we will stay for 7 more days waiting for paperwork.

Pray for safe travel; for her health and adjustment to us and the outside world; and for our health and stamina!

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