Thursday, November 27, 2008

11.26 Off to Moaming - Liana's Hometown

As I write it’s 9:30 at night and we’re on a pitch dark bus full of crying tired babies on our way to Moaming – a very bumpy 5hours off what can only be described as ‘road turbulence'. But Liana’s an angel, sleeping peacefully in Laura’s lap without a care in the world.

We spent the morning packing up and preparing for this leg of the trip, while Liana preferred to help us unpack what we had just packed.

We then loaded up the bus and headed out to process Liana’s Chinese passport. She was asleep in the side sling the whole time, snuggled against Laura, in her official passport photo.

As we leave town Very interesting to see the landscape change and transform from city, to suburban to rural along the way.

A couple hours into our jourmey, we pulled off the highway and stopped for dinner at an enormous, and excellent Cantonese Seafood restaurant. Liana dined on Congee (rice soup), egg quiche, sticky sweet rice cake, and lots of chicken (Laura was quite alarmed when she realized she had placed a boiled chicken head on her dish!). We enjoyed a wide variety of unique foods washed down with lots of Tsing Tao beer.
With full bellies (and a little buzz) we toured the ‘kitchen’ full of live seafood tanks and other assorted delicacies. We were fascinated with the contents of the tanks and the locals were even more fascinated with us.

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