Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Laura and Liana Barbie!

How cool is this? The White Swan hotel and Mattel gave us the gift of a 'Coming Home' Barbie. She kind of looks like Laura too...


Kara said...

Dear Barbie & Ken,

Mrs. Graeb, Ben & Natalie here. We are using our time wisely in speech & looking at your blog! Mrs. Graeb predicted the future about Barbie's in the house!

Don't worry, Ben assures you all is good at the house & everyone is still alive & well!

Gobble, Gobble from Speech Class ;-)

Nancy said...

I'm following your blog, and think it is so great/exciting to see the updates!

The word that comes to mind for all of this is: beautiful.

Enjoy the rest of your time there. Loveya, Nancy

Ronnie said...

Thanks for sharing your journey and for being a part of ours. We were blessed by having met you.

I was happy to see the pictures of your boys. They look like they will be good big brothers.

Kieth, Ronnie and Eli
eli bray