Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Official Chinese Adoption Day

It's official she's ours! We returned to the Civil Affairs Bureau this moring to complete our interviews and adoption paperwork, and we are now the legal adoptive parents of Nan Yun Shun - Liana Grace Shun Fuhrman.

Liana has been an absolute joy. She slept through the night from 8:00 to 6:00, and we awoke to a smiling and happy baby. She seemed very happy to see us this morning as if she has known us forever. No crying, no complaining, just smiles and giggles.

She's been eating well - rice formula, fruit, Congee (Chinese rice soup with meet and veggies) and of course Cheerios.

This afternoon, on cue Liana and Laura took a two hour nap, while I took to streets of Guangzhou with baby needs shopping list in hand - just another afternoon of running erands for Dad (a.k.a Ba Ba). The only difference for me was the added challenge of negotiating the price of everything from baby food to Snickers bars to having our Laundry done at a local shop. And then there's the whole currency conversion challenge from Dollars to Yuan at a 6.76 exchange rate - way too much math for this fine arts major.

Tonight we dined out at a Catonese restaurant with our very brave group of new parents and adoptive babies. Liana LOVED the experience and was showing off her many talents including chop stick drumming and Congee spilling.The joy of dining on the town is in her blood - she is definately a Fuhrman.

She was in her element, as walked through town this evening, showing off for everyone she could see.

A little bath time fun to wash off the remains of dinner and then off to bed.

Tommorow we pack up and check out of our hotel in Guangzhou. We visit the Chinese Consulate to start the process of obtaining Liana's passport and then it's off on a 4-5 hour bus ride adventure to Moaming for two days. While in Maoming we will visit her orphanage and give gifts to her nannies.

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Lou said...

Yayyyyyy! Congrats on the officialness of it all! She is one good lookin' little girl! Sounds like you're having tons o' fun! Don't forget to buy crazy Pringles while you're there! Did I mention that before? ;)

P.S. How many teeth does she have?!