Saturday, November 29, 2008

11.28.08 Sea Of China..'To The Beach!'

Before heading back to Guangzhou, we took a side trip to the seashore. The weather was warm and the skies were crystal clear and Liana slept through her first beach experience.

While on the beach, we shopped for pearls, and shells, from local push- cart vendors who were very happy to see us. We were also offered very fresh crabs and prawns, but unfortunately had to pass.

We marveled at the handrcafted wooden seafairing vessels, oufitted with outboard motors and wooden 'oars' - the boats barely seemed seaworthy, yet lined the beach.

And we were suprised to see horses on the beach. As we appraoched we were offered rides - the Franz boys took a horse for a walk on shore.

As we head out of Maoming, we're awed by the plight of the poor, and impressed with the tireless effort we see in the fields and at the corner stands. Experiencing more rural culture and farming as we head towards the mountains.We stop for lunch in Shibazi, a knife and cooking untensil manfucaturing town on the seashore. The restaurant is connected to a knife and grocery store which we enjoyed exploring.

It was an incredibly long road back to Guangzhou - we had expected a 5-6 hour bus ride, however thanks to a closed highway and traffic like I've never seen, we were on the bus from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m, - with stops for the shore, lunch and a potty break or two.
It is our good fortune that Liana apparently loves very long busrides - she certainly knows how the make the most of hours of undivided attention. See how comfortable she is hanging with her girlfriends enjoying a good breadtsick, reclining in comfort as she enjoys her formula, and how flexible she is as she naps (she actually folded herself over and fell asleep like this) - she's a blast!
The babies all did surprsingly well, the parents however were tired and cranky (once the beer ran out!). All in all a memorable day with Liana and freinds, andanother part of an unexpected and amazing adventure.
P.S. 'To The Beach!' is a reference to one Trevor's favorite movies, Mr. Bean's Holiday, in which Mr. Bean is on a mission to reach the beach at Cannes. Very funny and absurd movie.

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