Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dinner Sillines with Liana...

Liana loves to go out with friends for dinner, it's just so much fun...


Dad and Nancy said...

I had forwarded your blog to a number of our friends and family who are all so interested in your story and your new daughter. Our friends Marcia and Larry Ross tried to respond to you directly after the first messages as they had just returned from China themselves and she was so touched by your narrative. Here is the gist of her message since she could not get it through to you for some reason.

"The baby is truly gorgeous. I tried to respond to Laura and Marc because I could really identify with the Great Wall and the Olympic site - and the Chinese food - but I couldn't seem to do it right.

What a lucky little girl Liana is! We hope to meet her very soon too!

Mazel Tov (there must be a Chinese phrase for this - but all I learned to say was "hello" !

Love, Marcia

Dad and Nancy said...

We are SO enjoying your narratives and photos! It makes us feel like we are truly sharing in your amazing experiences along with other friends and family, and just makes us even more eager to welcome Liana in person into the family and to hear your stories first hand! Can't wait!

Enzo and Amy and Lou came over for lunch and the afternoon. Fun, fun, fun! He's very excited to play with Liana soon! He took a nice long nap on his Grandpa too (not sure which one enjoyed it more!).

Dad went to Ben's swimming this morning and saw all the boys. As you know all's just fine here, but they are anxiously awaiting your return and ready for their sister!

With lots of love to all --
Dad and Nancy