Sunday, November 30, 2008

11.29.08 Medical Exam Day & American Dinner

Today Liana and her girlfriends went for their required Chinese medical exam. Imagine a dozen babies having a medical exam at the same time, shuffling from station to station with parents, grandparents and siblings in tow in some cases. It was a maginficant example of well organized chaos.
This exam is a routine and required part of the approval process. These doctors are not providing consultation, or insight into the babies health history, they are simply going through the required procedure and looking for red flags.

The doctors and nurses were very nice, gentle and kind to the babies and families. And all of the babies checked out, and are approved to go home. This was minor miracle as some of the babies have been sick, one in particular with a high fever, and babies with fevers will not be approved for travel.

Liana is officially healthy weighing in at a 16.2 pounds. Most of her girlfriends are around the same weight, except for Liana's buddy Lucy who is a whopping 25 pounds of fun! Liana has some catching up to do if she wants to keep up with Lucy. She's is gaining on her though...
Liana is loving real food so much, in addition to formula and baby food, that her cheeks and thighs are already fuller than when we first got her. She's learning to really use the 4 teeth she's sprouted.
Her favorite 'real foods' are fruit, especially dragon fruit, apricots, chicken, ham, fish, noodles and eggs. She's also fond of pizza crust, plain biscotti, Chinese rice cake cookies, and anything that Mom and Dad are holding and/or trying not to spill. Do NOT put silverware, chopsticks, a bowl of congee, a bottle of beer, a napkin, a salt shaker or ANYTHING in her reach, she will get it - and if you think it's safely out of her reach, move it further away!

We celebrated the medical approval day with a taste of home dinner; cheeseburgers (more like meatloaf burgers), crispy yummy fries, and Carlsberg Beer! Then out on the town for a little shopping (Dad's mastering the fine art of haggling).
We then topped off the evening with a cafe Americano, Tiramisu and Biscotti at Starbucks.

Liana continues to be a Joy, and enjoys doing EVERYTHING, and we count oursleves blessed beyond our wildest dreams.

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