Sunday, November 30, 2008

11.30.08 Guangzhou Safari Park

We just returned from Liana’s first trip to the Zoo. The Safari Park was very impressive, and it by far exceeded our expectations - truly one of the finest zoos in the world.

The park itself combined traditional zoo features, with a drive through open land safari area where the animals like zebras, giraffes, and more, can come right up to your car or tour tram.

The grounds were much like a botanic garden, and the animal habitats where exceptional, with large outdoor ‘natural’ areas, making for active and happy animals. We could get a lot closer to the animals in this park than we ever could at a Western zoo.

A couple of major highlights included no less than 10 pandas, koalas, white tigers and lions, which we fed by tossing huge chunks of meat into their den, and giraffes which we fed with leafy branches that were purchased from zoo personnel – Laura was almost lifted off the ground by a giraffe enjoying her branch - as you can see in this video...

Liana took it all in, and seemed to enjoy the monkeys, and pandas the most. She loved the train ride through the safari area and spent some time playing with my Coke bottle and looking at pictures of her brothers - she loves to look at them and she'll be so excited to meet actually them. She’s seen and experienced so much in the past week, more than she did in her entire first 9 months. And with each new adventure, she expresses joy. She’s really playful, interested and such a joy to be with.

Here's Liana, refreshed and playful after her bath. She usually has one final burst of energy before bedtime.

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Aunt Jean said...

Every entry in your blog continues to amaze me. What an adventure....